In his post on his Twitter account, Kirişci stated that they transferred the agricultural support payment of 1 billion 659 million 505 thousand 379 liras to the accounts of the farmers today and said, “May it be good and fruitful.” used the phrase.

According to the information in the share, the distribution of the said support amount is as follows:

“Motherstock sheep and goat support 1 billion 613 thousand 350 liras, beekeeping support 188 million 709 thousand 150 liras, grain legumes and grain corn support 25 million 815 thousand 890 liras, rural development investment support 11 million 618 thousand 963 liras, earring application support 540 thousand liras. 981 liras, herd growth and renewal support 357 million 909 thousand 200 liras, disease-free business support 43 million 743 thousand 800 liras, diesel and fertilizer support 27 million 574 thousand 675 liras, additional support for angora goats 1 million 586 thousand 220 liras and waste support 89 thousand 600 liras.”

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