Edremit Chamber of Commerce Chairman Ahmet Çetin said that the application made in 2021 for the registration of Edremit olive oil in the Commission of the EU Agriculture and Rural Development Directorate was accepted.

Stating that Edremit olive oil is now a registered product from the EU, Çetin said, “There are 9 geographically marked products from Turkey registered in the EU. Edremit olive oil is the 10th product. This is the second in terms of olive oil in Turkey. Previously, Milas olive oil It was registered in the EU,” he said.

Emphasizing that the olive oil produced in Edremit Bay is a world-famous product, Çetin said that this registration will reflect positively on the region.

”It will make our olive oil more valuable”

Expressing that the producers will be more ahead in the export of olive oil to Europe and other geographies, Çetin said, “This development means more foreign currency inflows to our region. It will make our olive oil more valuable. Our producers, who use geographical indications and become brands, now generate more income from olive groves. “This will be an important development in terms of the protection of our areas. This is very pleasing news,” he said.

Turkey’s geographically indicated products Antep baklava, Aydın fig, Aydın chestnut, Bayramiç white, Giresun plump hazelnut, Malatya apricot, Milas olive oil, Taşköprü garlic and Antakya künefe were previously registered by the EU.

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