In the statement made by the Ministry of Energy and Natural Resources, it was stated that after the earthquakes, great damage occurred to both the superstructure and the infrastructure, all institutions took action under the coordination of AFAD from the first moment of the earthquake, and studies were started to solve the infrastructure problems simultaneously with the search and rescue efforts.

In this context, it is stated in the statement that besides BOTAŞ and TEİAŞ, electricity and natural gas distribution companies are working on the field on a 24/7 basis, the epicenter of the 7.4-magnitude earthquake that occurred on 6 February 13.24 was in the Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş, which was the most affected by the earthquake. It was reminded that it is located at the head of the cities.

In the statement, it was stated that after the controls carried out by the Ministry of Environment, Urbanization and Climate Change teams, a rapid work was started to ensure the supply of natural gas to the citizens in undamaged and slightly damaged buildings. It was reported that Turkey came to support from many points.

In the statement, it was stated that natural gas was first delivered to the houses, and it was stated that the problems caused by earthquakes and weather conditions in the installations inside the houses caused problems in the gas supply.

Damages on transmission lines completed within 48 hours

GAZBİR-GAZMER General Manager Mustafa Ali Akman, whose views are included in the statement, explained that natural gas distribution companies were also severely affected by the earthquake, and that the damage to the transmission line was completed within 48 hours with the works of the Ministry and BOTAŞ.

Akman stated that the remaining parts were repaired by the distribution companies in a short time, but the heating could not be started even though the gas supply was brought to the doors of the households.

“Even though we supplied the gas, especially in Elbistan, Malatya and Adıyaman, where the intense winter conditions were experienced, the energy supply stopped, so there were frostbite and explosions due to water swelling in the combi boilers. This was an issue that the subscribers had to solve with the companies. Our Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, Mr. Fatih Dönmez, instructed us to eliminate the problems and indications that our sector should realize a social project.”

“After the earthquake, approximately 8 thousand subscribers started using natural gas in the district”

Akman stated that GAZBİR-GAZMER was appointed as the coordinator and continued as follows:

“We were immediately mobilized to the Elbistan district of Kahramanmaraş. Within the first 24 hours, we started to work in the region with 70 technical service personnel from various parts of Turkey and 10 managers within our own body. Natural Gas Devices Industrialists’ and Businessmen’s Association and Armature, Valve, Tap, Installation Equipment and various NGOs, especially the Valve Industrialists’ Association.We have completely eliminated these problems in our Elbistan district by fully undertaking the material and service costs of approximately 10 million TL, and by providing a small amount of GAZBİR-GAZMER contribution. started to use gas. 5 thousand of them needed this service. All combi boilers and boilers of these 5 thousand subscribers were provided with free service and repaired, repaired and replaced. Now they also use natural gas in the most convenient and safest way. The shipment was also carried out with great success. Within 10 days, to Elbistan in 10 years. We re-checked the installed internal installation devices and made them available to our subscribers in a safe manner. We accomplished 10 years of work in 10 days.”

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