Within the scope of the restructuring law, which brings ease of payment to the tax and premium debts of millions of citizens, GSS premium debts will also be restructured. Those who cannot pay their premiums will be able to take the income test to have their debts completely erased.

The income test will be held until 31 July 2023. In the test, if the per capita income in the household is below 3 thousand 336 liras, the premium debts will be deleted. There will be no delay penalty or increase arising from these debts.

Those who have the ability to pay must pay their premium debts by 31 August 2023. If the principal is paid to the banks that have contracted with the Social Security Institution, the delay interest and penalties will also be deleted.

Those whose per capita income exceeds 3 thousand 336 liras in the household must pay a premium of 3 percent of the minimum wage. The monthly premium amount to be paid in 2023 is 300 TL and 24 kuruş.

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