The pre-order process continues for the Togg T10X, Turkey’s first innately electric smart device. In the statement made by the company, it was stated that the number of pre-orders for the domestic car reached 100 thousand in 7 days.

The draw will be held on March 28.

Each single user who downloads the Trumore application, which is available on the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery between March 16-27, or creates Tru.ID on the Togg website, makes a prepayment of 60 thousand TL, which they transfer to their wallets via cash or credit card, and enters the drawing process. will be eligible to participate.

Pre-order holders will be determined with a digital drawing to be held in the presence of a notary public on March 28.

Tools can be configured as desired

Those who want to participate in the lottery to own the T10X in 2023 can enter the ‘Smart Device Configurator’ from the Trumore application available on or the App Store, Google Play and App Gallery, and view the hardware features, technical data and model prices of the device, They can choose the T10X version and configure it as they wish.

Users can examine the design of the version they have chosen by rotating them 360 degrees with the ‘Colors of Turkey’ and decide on the exterior color option. If desired, the environment in which the smart device is located can be changed to see how the favorite exterior color looks on the T10X in a sunny weather.

Users who determine the exterior color, choose the rim options of the T10X in the next step and go to explore the interior design.

Users can view the T10X’s large interior design by zooming in or viewing it from a wider angle. Afterwards, optional equipment can be added and the details of the advantageous equipment packages special for the launch can be viewed.

Those who have completed the configuration examine the details on the summary page and make their final checks. Those who review and approve the pre-order contract go to the payment stage.

If the user already has a Trumore e-Wallet installed and has loaded a balance of 60 thousand lira, he will be entitled to participate in the lottery by completing the prepayment, or he will be entitled to participate in the lottery by completing the prepayment by creating the Trumore e-Wallet through Trumore and loading the balance of 60 thousand lira.

Order winners will be determined with delivery priority.

After the pre-order period closes, the digital drawing will be drawn in the presence of a notary on March 28. The ordered list of users who will participate in the draw will be published by Togg before the draw. When the lottery ends, the winners will make the remaining payments, less the prepayment amount, when the delivery date of their smart devices comes.

At the end of the pre-order period, the winners of the order will be determined together with the priority of delivery, with a drawing to be held in the presence of a notary public. When determining the delivery date, the approximate delivery period of the selected version and the user’s place in the draw order will be taken into account.

The money will be refunded to those who do not have the right to order.

The prepayment fees of users who do not qualify for an order in the lottery will be automatically credited back to the users’ Trumore e-Wallets and then to their accounts within 14 days at the latest, depending on their bank.

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