In his post on his social media account, Nebati stated that within the scope of the Turkish Economy Model, they attach importance to directing loans to productive areas and to the real sector’s access to financing under favorable conditions in order to achieve their targets of increase in investment, employment, production and exports.

In this context, Nebati emphasized that they continue to actively use the Treasury Backed Guarantee System and support sustainable growth with their selective credit policies, and made the following assessments:

On the other hand, we continue to implement positive discrimination by offering comprehensive programs, incentives and supports to our women.

Along with our selective loan policies, other steps we have taken within the scope of the model and our improving investment environment, we are strengthening our entrepreneurial ecosystem, working to increase domestic and value-added production and to further our position in the global value chain day by day.

In this framework, we continue to move forward with confidence, determination and determination into the Turkish Century by carrying forward our great achievements in areas such as the electric vehicle ecosystem, defense industry, investments that reduce foreign dependency in energy, and production of energy technologies, especially Togg.”

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