President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s statement on the television program he attended yesterday that the lowest pension was increased to 7 thousand 500 liras was welcomed by the retirees.

Following this good news, eyes were turned to the legislative arrangement to be made in the Grand National Assembly of Turkey for the implementation of the said decision.

It is expected that the decision to increase the lowest pension to 7 thousand 500 liras will become law in the coming days and the increased pensions will be deposited into the accounts in April.

More than half of the retirees will benefit from the said increase, together with those who retire with the EYT regulation.

Holiday bonuses will increase

Both President Erdogan and the Minister of Labor and Social Security Vedat Bilgin pointed to the government’s work on the demands of retirees, drawing attention to the holiday bonuses.

In the alternative studies carried out by the Ministry of Labor and Social Security, an increase of 1100 liras was given to retirees during Ramadan and Sacrifice Feasts, and it was learned that steps will be taken in this regard in the coming days.

However, behind the increase in the lowest pension, the expectation of making adjustments to the pensions above 7 thousand 500 liras began to appear in the public opinion.

Pensioners happy with the increase

In his statement, Kazım Ergün, Chairman of the Retirement Association of Turkey (TÜED), stated that increasing the minimum amount of pension among their demands came first and said that they were satisfied that this demand, which they had been expressing for a long time, was met.

Ergün, who wanted to increase the holiday bonuses of 1100 liras given to retirees, stated that they believe that their demands in this direction will be realized as soon as possible.

Expressing that the increase of the lowest pension to 7 thousand 500 liras creates expectations for those whose pension is above this figure, Ergün said, “In order not to close the monthly gap between those who pay less premiums and those who pay more, an increase should be made in the monthly salaries of those who receive more than 7 thousand 500 liras. It is necessary for the reliability, prestige, norm and standard unity of the security system. said.

“We plan to enact it next week”

AK Party Group Deputy Chairman Muhammed Emin Akbaşoğlu made the following statement regarding the speech;

Our Honorable President announced the good news. He stated that the lowest pension will be 7 thousand 500 liras. As the People’s Alliance, we are doing the preliminary work on the legal regulation. We plan to enact it next week.

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