[Fotoğraf: DHA (Arşiv)]

General Directorate of Civil Aviation (SHGM) has published the EUROCONTROL European Aviation Overview Report. According to the report, Turkey ranked 6th among the countries with the heaviest traffic volume in Europe, with an average of 2 thousand 368 flights per day, according to the air traffic statistics for the 15 – 21 March 2023 period.

Accordingly, Turkey has surpassed its 2019 performance by 6 percent. Turkish Airlines ranked second among the airlines with the highest number of flights in the specified period, with an average of 1313 flights per day, while Ryanair took the first place with 2,181 flights.

Leaving London and Paris behind

According to the EUROCONTROL European Aviation Overview Report, Istanbul Airport became the busiest airport in Europe with an average of 1274 daily flights.

Istanbul Airport was followed by London Heathrow with 1204 flights and Paris Charles de Gaulle Airport with 1153 flights.

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