Last year, Turkey realized service exports amounting to 89.9 billion dollars with an increase of 46.54 percent compared to the previous year. This figure was recorded as the highest service export figure in the history of the Republic.

During the period in question, a service trade surplus of approximately $49.8 billion was achieved. This year, it is aimed to increase this figure even more.

In April 2022, the Ministry of Commerce launched the “Service Export Support Program Package”, consisting of a total of 4 Presidential Decisions, in order to take service exports to an advanced level. Thus, the scope of the support package was expanded while the service export support legislation was renewed.

With the decisions, informatics, education, fair organization, cultural and creative industries, logistics and transportation, health tourism, sports tourism, management consultancy and green services sectors were included in the scope of support.

General Support Program

Within the scope of the “General Support Programme”, which constitutes the first leg of the state aid system for service export, education, health, sports, cultural and creative industry, fair organization, real estate, logistics and transportation, management consultancy services and green services sectors have access to foreign markets and their promotion in these markets. Support is provided at varying rates and within determined upper limits.

With the Stars of Informatics Program, which constitutes the second leg of the system, all IT sector supports were systematically gathered under a single heading. In this context, beneficiaries operating in the IT sector benefit from e-Turquality supports for export preparation and institutional capacity building, export marketing and promotion in the market, and high added value.

The third pillar of the system is the Support Program for Foreign Logistics Distribution Networks. With the program, the distribution network, mobile warehouses, which will operate in integration with the logistics facilities to be established abroad for the first time, and the expenses for the operation of this network are supported.

The last leg of the system is the “Turquality Program”. Within the scope of this program, companies and organizations that have international branding potential and operate in the sectors of education, film, gastronomy, accommodation, health tourism, logistics, air passenger transportation and transportation-infrastructure services benefit from the expenditures to operate as a global player with their own brands in international markets.

In addition, 352 special stamped passport quotas were defined for 254 service exporting companies last year in order to enable exporters operating in the service sectors to reach markets abroad more easily.

Support for technical consultancy projects

On the other hand, there is a comprehensive state aid program for technical consultancy services. With the Technical Consultancy Support Program, it is aimed to support the technical consultancy sector, to expand into target markets abroad, to gain a permanent place in these markets, and thus to contribute to other service items including contracting services, export of construction materials and logistics.

In this context, as of the end of 2022, project support applications for 2,110 projects out of 2,315 projects in 99 countries cumulatively were approved. While 176 of the tenders, the results of which were announced, were won by Turkish companies, the total value of the tenders was 384.7 million dollars.

Within the scope of all the support programs mentioned, 11,107 support applications were finalized in 2022, and a total of 1 billion 69 million 724 thousand liras were transferred to service exporters.

The number of service sector brands included in the Turquality Program during the implementation period reached 67 by the end of 2022.

In 2022, 2 new projects were included within the scope of the Service Sector Competitiveness Enhancement Project (HİSER) carried out within the scope of the General Support Programme. Thus, the total number of ongoing projects reached 17.

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