According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, KOSGEB implemented the “Disaster Period Living Area Support” within the scope of the “Business Development Support Program” in order to prevent the migration of the trained workforce in the earthquake region to different cities.

The support program will be valid in the provinces and districts affected by the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquake that occurred on 6 February.

Accordingly, support payments will be made for a maximum of 10 containers, provided that they were purchased during the state of emergency. Containers purchased within the scope of KOSGEB support cannot be sold or transferred for one year. Containers can be relocated if the organized industrial zone (OSB) or small industrial site (KSS) management deems it appropriate.

Industrialists will receive 30 thousand liras of non-refundable support for each container they buy, and the upper limit will increase to 300 thousand liras for 10 containers. Those who buy containers after the earthquake will be able to benefit from the support, even if they apply to the support later.

Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, whose views are given in the statement, stated that they have implemented a new support with KOSGEB for temporary accommodation, which is an important problem, and said, “Our SMEs who want to buy their own container and place their employees in it or want to live in it, up to 30 thousand liras per container and We support up to 10 containers.” used the phrase.

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