“Renewal of Plastic Greenhouse Covers” project cooperation protocol was prepared between Sakarya Governorship Investment Monitoring Coordination Presidency, Metropolitan Municipality and Provincial Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry.

Speaking at the signing ceremony held at the Disaster Coordination Center, Deputy Governor Ersin Emiroğlu said that they will contribute to the production of value-added greenhouses with the protocol.

“Good luck to our farmers and producers”

Metropolitan Mayor Ekrem Yüce stated that they will ensure that the idle greenhouses are brought into the economy, and said, “As the Metropolitan Municipality, we will contribute to the distribution and renewal of greenhouse top cover to our producers with a 20 percent budget. May it be beneficial to our farmers and producers.”

“There is no development without production”

Emphasizing that farmers will always be by their side with the idea that “there is no development without production”, Yüce said, “Greenhouses are produced throughout the year due to their partial lack of dependence on environmental conditions and climate. In addition to this feature, it increases product variety and yield, and has many benefits such as employment and market.” .

Yüce pointed out that agriculture has an important share in the city’s economy.

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