The “Communiqué on the Implementation of Surveillance in Imports” prepared by the Ministry of Commerce was published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, the unit customs value per piece is $10 for household appliances such as benchtop mixers, fruit and vegetable presses, instant water heaters, immersion heaters, drying heads and toasters, excluding stand mixers, complete sets, water boiling pots, electric stovetops. For cooking plates, boiling rings and heating plates, grills and roasters and toasters, $15 will be applied, $32 for tea-only ones, $35 for steam irons, $40 for duct heaters and other heating stoves.

$50 for coffee-only appliances, $70 for vacuums other than robots and smarts with voltages of 110 volts or more, $75 for gas stoves (excluding mountaineering stoves), $80 for stand mixers, stand-alone rechargeable upright vacuums , $100 for heated air curtains, airfryers and fryers, $125 for stoves with at least one oven and one hotplate, and $200 for imports of robot and smart vacuums, and smart and robot vacuums with voltages of 110 volts or more.

The specified goods can be imported with a surveillance document to be issued by the General Directorate of Import.

The Communiqué will enter into force after 30 days.

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