Ahmet Hamdi Gürdoğan, Vice Chairman of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters Union, said that honey was exported to 26 countries in 2 months of the year.

Stating that honey exports reached 2 thousand 76 tons in the January-February period, Gürdoğan stated that 6 million 485 thousand 105 dollars were obtained from the said exports.

Noting that the USA, Israel and Germany are the 3 countries to which honey is exported the most, Gürdoğan said, “The USA ranked first in our honey export with 1 million 881 thousand 9 dollars. Israel followed the USA with 1 million 593 thousand 938 dollars, and Israel with 963 thousand 153 dollars. Germany followed in dollar terms. Honey was also exported to Bulgaria, Saudi Arabia, Ireland, Hong Kong, Libya, Australia and People’s Republic of China, different from the same period of last year.” said.

Pointing out that honey is an important export product for the Eastern Black Sea region, Gürdoğan said, “228,689 tons of honey was exported from our region in the January-February period.” he said.

Expressing that Saudi Arabia leads the way in honey exports from the region, Gürdoğan noted that honey is exported to the USA, Kuwait, United Arab Emirates, Netherlands and Qatar as well as Saudi Arabia in 2 months of the year.

Emphasizing that the tourism potential affects honey exports, Gürdoğan added that they have high expectations from the export of this product and that he believes the industry will come to a much better point.

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