In the post on Togg’s official Twitter account, “177 thousand 467 T10X pre-order. Thank you for your attention.” it was said.

In the post, it was stated that the draw can be followed at “”.

In the post made by Togg on March 25, it was reported that 100 thousand orders were placed for the T10X in 7 days. Thus, 77 thousand 467 more pre-orders have been created since then.

Backup list for 20 thousand people

In addition to 20 thousand lucky users, Togg will also create a backup list for 20 thousand people.

In case of cancellations in the deliveries planned for 2023, the users in the reserve list will be activated. However, those who cannot switch from the spare list to the main list for 2023 deliveries will be able to order the T10X with the new package and configuration options to be determined as of January 2024.

Those who place this order will be able to receive their smart devices without entering any draw until June 2024. Prepayments made by users who are not on the main and backup list will be refunded to their accounts.

On the other hand, Togg has increased the number of smart devices to be delivered from 12 thousand to 20 thousand due to the intense interest shown in the drawing process that will determine the pre-order holders for the T10X, which will meet with users throughout 2023, and has set the date of the digital drawing, which will take place in the presence of a notary, one day ahead, as March 29.

Gürcan Karakaş shared the pre-order process

Togg Top Manager (CEO) Mehmet Gürcan Karakaş shared the pre-order process of the T10X model minute by minute on his social media account.

Karakaş shared the following information by saying “With our sincere thanks” in his post;

100 T10X : 12 min.
1,000 T10X : 41 min.
7.734 T10X : 4 hours
22.150 T10X : 24 hours
41.000 T10X : 3 days
100,000 T10X : 7 days
177,467 T10X : at closing

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