The filing of the annual income tax return for 2022 and the payment of the first installment were due on Friday, March 31.

The Revenue Administration announced that a new regulation was made regarding the time period.

Accordingly, the deadlines for filing income tax returns and the payment periods for taxes accrued on these returns have been extended.

It is stated that the last day for taxpayers is Wednesday, April 5, 2023.

In addition, it was decided to extend the deadline for submitting “Form Ba” and “Form Bs” notifications for the 2023/February period, which should be submitted by March 31, until the end of Friday, April 7th.

The period for creating and signing e-Ledgers, which must be created and signed by those involved in the electronic notebook application, has been extended until the end of Friday, April 7, for the Electronic Notebook Certificates, which must be uploaded to the Revenue Administration Information Processing System at the same time.

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