A new one has now been added to the most important criteria when buying a house. People who are going to buy a house now prefer a ‘tenant-free house’. The main reason for this is the rising rent prices.

Previously, citizens who wanted to sell their house used to write “the tenant is ready” house in the ad, but now this situation has changed. Because many people who will buy a house do not want to have tenants in the house. As it stands, it says ‘tenant-free house’ in the advertisements.

Real Estate Expert Bedri Yılmaz said, “If he wants it for investment, the former tenant does not want it. Because if the rents around are 3-4 thousand liras today, he will definitely want it empty because he will rent it twice for 7-8-8 thousand TL.”

If the tenant does not want to vacate the house, the buyer must file an eviction lawsuit. If the new landlord is going to occupy himself, he must give 6 months’ notice.

After the tenant is evicted, the title deed must be visited.

Pointing out the importance of those who want to buy a house, especially the tenant issue, Yılmaz said that after the tenant has been evicted or after getting the eviction commitment from the tenant, it is necessary to go to the title deed.

What should the tenant whose house is sold to do?

Yilmaz said:

“If the tenant has not completed 5 years, he should not believe those who say, ‘I am selling my house.’ “

According to experts, reconciliation of the current tenant and the person who will buy the house is the most important.

News: İlsu Güven

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