According to the weekly bulletin published by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK), the loan volume of the sector increased by 111 billion 167 million liras as of March 24. In the said period, the total loan volume increased from 8 trillion 246 billion 690 million lira to 8 trillion 357 billion 857 million lira.

Total deposits (including interbank) in the banking sector increased by 130 billion 814 million liras last week. The total deposits of the banking sector, which increased by 1.33 percent in the week in question, became 9 trillion 944 billion 977 million liras.

Consumer loans became 1 trillion 253 billion 916 million liras

According to the data, the amount of consumer loans increased by 19 billion 362 million liras as of March 24 to 1 trillion 253 billion 916 million liras. 385 billion 844 million lira of the said loans consisted of housing loans, 62 billion 28 million liras for vehicles and 806 billion 44 million liras for consumer loans.

In the said period, the amount of installment commercial loans increased by 14 billion 263 million liras and reached 1 trillion 21 billion 84 million liras. Banks’ personal credit card receivables increased by 4.9 percent to 551 billion 714 million liras. 278 billion 571 million liras of personal credit card receivables were in installments and 273 billion 144 million liras were without installments.

Legal equity increased

According to the BRSA weekly data, NPLs in the banking sector decreased by 83 million liras compared to the previous week and decreased to 159 billion 307 million liras as of March 24. A special provision has been set aside for TL 139 billion 107 million of the aforementioned non-performing loans.

In the same period, legal equities of the banking system increased by 46 billion 669 million liras and reached 1 trillion 809 billion 46 million liras.

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