The Law Amending the Social Insurance and General Health Insurance Law, which includes the regulations related to the age-at-retirement (EYT) and the Decree Law No. 375, was published in the Official Gazette and entered into force.

With the regulation, hundreds of thousands of people were able to retire. With the implementation of the regulation, 2 million 250 thousand people have the right to retirement in the first stage.

Right holders made their way to SSI for the applications that started as of March 3rd.

Applications exceeded 1.5 million

Since the EYT regulation came into force, the number of applicants for retirement has exceeded 1.5 million.

Some of the applicants have also completed their monthly binding process.

Pensions will be paid from the month after the retirement petition is filed

Pensions are paid from the beginning of the month after the retirement petition is filed.

The application date affects the time to receive a salary.

SSK and BAĞ-KUR members must apply by 31 March in order to receive a monthly salary in April. For public workers and civil servants, the application period to receive a pension has ended in April.

First salaries will be paid from 1 April

EYT members, who applied until March 31, will start to receive their first salaries as of April 1. Rights holders can learn the status of their applications.

In e-Government, the process can be followed from the SGK document tracking service or from the SGK’s provincial and district directorates.

EYT members will also benefit from the holiday bonus

Vedat Bilgin, Minister of Labor and Social Security, announced that 15.6 million retirees, including those who will retire within the scope of retirement age (EYT), will benefit from the holiday bonus arrangement, which will be increased to 2 thousand liras.

SGK personnel will be paid overtime for 3 months

Overtime wages will be paid for 3 months to SGK personnel who are assigned to speed up the work on retirement applications. The proposal regarding this will be added to the bag proposal that will come to the agenda of the Assembly.

Overtime wage, which is 27 lira per hour, will be increased to 51 lira with an increase of 88 percent.

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