While the global technology brand Togg, serving in the field of mobility in Turkey, is excited to introduce its first smart device, the T10X, to users, it continues uninterruptedly with its charger installations all over the country, with the Trugo brand, in line with its goal of uninterrupted user experience.

Trugo, which installed its first devices in Bolu, the most important transit point between Istanbul and Ankara, also completed the installations in Bursa, Istanbul, Samsun, Sakarya, Düzce, Ankara, Kocaeli, Van and Denizli. Collaborating with Shell as well as its own service points, Togg continues to install devices at Shell stations determined in line with Trugo’s goals. The stations established by Trugo will be available to all electric vehicle users.

100% renewable energy is used

According to the statement, Trugo, which aims to provide an uninterrupted experience to all electric vehicle users with 180 kW and above devices, ensures that the charge rate of a battery reaches 80 percent from 20 percent in less than 30 minutes with its high-performance chargers.

The devices use 100% renewable energy sources. Thanks to the high-performance charging network, which is accessible to all electric vehicle owners in Turkey, users’ range concerns are also eliminated.

Trugo mobile app and website are also in service

All electric vehicle users will be able to follow the charging network established throughout Turkey through the Trugo mobile application and website. The mobile application, which is offered to users on the App Store and Google Play, opens the door to a smooth charging experience for users. With the Trugo mobile application, users will be able to find the most suitable station for them, follow the charging process, see the completion of the charging, access past charging applications and make the charging payment.

When searching for the Trugo station near the Trugo mobile application, users will be able to search according to their needs such as pharmacies, cafes, playgrounds, shopping malls and restaurants. Users will also be able to see the currently empty/available charging stations.

Trugo User Care / User Care Center will serve 24/7

The charging process consists of the same steps for all electric vehicles using a charging socket compatible with chargers, including the Togg T10X. When users arrive at the station, they will connect the socket to their vehicles, start the charging process with the mobile application, and stop the charging whenever they want while charging their vehicles and continue their journey.

Users who encounter any problems during the charging experience will be able to receive support from Trugo User Care / User Care Center, which is available 24/7. The consultant-level experts working at the center will be the solution point for users’ all kinds of questions, information, support and help requests.

“We aim to complete the installations in our 81 provinces by the end of 2023”

Gurcan Karakaş, CEO of Togg, whose views on the subject were included in the statement, stated that they are working nonstop for the charging infrastructure needed in Turkey and said:

“While we are excited to introduce the T10X to our users, we also continue to install our high-performance chargers in different regions and cities in our country, which will enable us to travel with electric vehicles from end to end. Our Trugo mobile application and website, which we have developed for users to get maximum benefit from our charging network, have also been put into service. Users, It will be able to follow Trugo’s world and the advantages offered by the mobility ecosystem, and after a while, the information of the charging stations whose installation works are ongoing or completed, via the mobile application and website. We will continue to work to provide an experience.”

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