Petroleum Transport Inc. with Pipelines (BOTAŞ), the tariff table for April has been published on its website. While the tariff of residential subscribers, which will be valid in April, remained constant for natural gas, a discount was made in the tariff for industrial subscribers and electricity generation.

Accordingly, the sales price that BOTAŞ will apply to gas distribution companies for residential consumers in April has been announced as 4 thousand 80 liras for 1000 cubic meters of natural gas.

The tariff for industry subscribers was determined as 7 thousand 124 liras for 1000 cubic meters of natural gas for level 1 and 9 thousand 478 liras for level 2.

In the tariff for electricity generation, the price of 1000 cubic meters of natural gas was announced as 10 thousand liras. Price tariffs for natural gas are calculated monthly.

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