A Bursa-based firm contacted the Elbistan District Directorate of Agriculture and Forestry to donate corn seeds to support the producers in the earthquake-affected regions.

Receiving the information that the producers are planting 3 types of corn in Elbistan, the company sent 878 bags of seeds to the region. It was distributed to the producers in the garden of Elbistan District Agriculture and Forestry Directorate. It was said that the seeds, which are 100 percent grant, are given to farmers who are engaged in irrigated agriculture and who have corn in their ÇKS records.

Stating that corn seeds will contribute to support the need for seeds, District Agriculture Manager İsmail Çitil said, “We distribute 878 bags of seeds in total. We would like to thank our company, which provides this support free of charge to our farmers, for their contributions.” The farmers who received free seeds also thanked those who contributed.

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