According to the written statement made by the Ministry, with the decree that came into effect on March 30, new regulations regarding international road transport were implemented in Azerbaijan.

In this context, while the fee charged for the transportation of flammable materials was abolished, the city tax application for heavy goods vehicles was ended.

In addition, significant reductions were made in tolls and the maximum limit for heavy goods vehicles was brought to international standards and increased to 41 tons.

The application brought great convenience to Turkish transporters transporting to Azerbaijan and to Central Asian countries such as Russia, Uzbekistan, Turkmenistan and Kazakhstan via Azerbaijan.

In the recent meetings between the two countries, joint studies were carried out to solve the problems.

The last regulation that came into force provided significant cost advantages to Turkish transporters. The regulation will not only facilitate exports to Azerbaijan, but also encourage transit shipments through Azerbaijan and further strengthen the Middle Corridor.

Turkish transporters will not have a transit document problem

With the decision taken by Azerbaijan, the paid transit document application at the border gates will come to an end, and the transports belonging to the countries without a pass document will not be allowed.

With the Land Transport Joint Commission (KUKK) Meeting held in Baku on December 15, 2022 between the Ministries of Transport of Turkey and Azerbaijan, the quotas for transit documents used in international goods transport were increased from 49 thousand to 115 thousand.

With the new application, while some country carriers are having problems, Turkish carriers will be able to continue to transport at a much lower cost with the sufficient number of quotas they have, without having problems with transit documents. The application will further increase the international power of the Turkish logistics industry.

On the other hand, the social media account of the Ministry of Transport and Infrastructure was also shared on the subject.

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