The Halal Accreditation Agency (HAK), which took action with the approach of the tourism season, sent a letter to sector representatives and business associations and organizations.

In the article, which included a warning about the certification of halal tourism services, it was pointed out that HAK is the only institution authorized to provide halal accreditation services in Turkey. In the article, it is stated that the institution accredits halal conformity assessment bodies located in the country and abroad.

In the article, which pointed out that in accordance with the Law on Some Regulations Related to the Halal Accreditation Agency, institutions issuing halal certificates for all products and services offered in the market are obliged to be accredited by HAK, “As a result of this obligation, unauthorized use of products and services without accreditation from HAK. Businesses using the halal mark/brands for their products and services based on this certificate by obtaining a ‘halal certificate’ from the institutions issuing documents, the provisions in the articles of ‘accuracy and honesty’, ‘unfair use of reputation’, ‘deceptive acts’ of the Commercial Advertisement and Unfair Commercial Practices Regulation and may be subject to administrative fines through the Advertising Board of the Ministry of Commerce, as they will have acted in violation of the principles. statements were included.

In the article, it is emphasized that it is of great importance for companies that provide accommodation facilities, tour packages, tourist guides and other halal tourism services to obtain halal certificates to be issued in accordance with the relevant international standards from reliable certification bodies accredited by HAK. requested.

“We fully support the decision”

Yusuf Gerçeker, President of the International Halal Tourism Association (IHATO), also made an assessment on the subject.

Stating that some businesses in the sector may be penalized by the Advertisement Board, Gerçeker said:

“HAK prevents businesses that have not received certification by accredited certification bodies from advertising as ‘halal hotel’, ‘halal tourism’, ‘Islamic hotel’, ‘conservative hotel’, ‘Muslim friendly hotel’. We support this decision to the end and we would like to express that we will be a follower of the process. In addition to the conceptual confusions that have been going on for years, we will follow the issue as an association so that everyone does not make promotions that mislead the consumer with advertisements such as ‘halal hotel’, ‘Islamic hotel’. We’ll see the benefits.”

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