Energy Market Regulatory Authority (EMRA) has published activity-based, final and green tariff tables.

Accordingly, a 15 percent discount was made in all subscriber groups.

The price per kilowatt-hour was 133.7261 kurus in the tariff for residential subscribers in the first tier, and 198.7345 kurus per kilowatt-hour in the tariffs of those in the high tier.

The kilowatt-hour price of electricity was determined as 232,8404 kurus, and the kilowatt-hour price at the high level was determined as 309,1899 kurus in the tariff for the subscribers of the first tier of business.

In the electricity tariff of low voltage industry subscribers, it was decided that the kilowatt-hour price would be 308.5326 kurus.

On the other hand, the kilowatt-hour price in the green tariff was determined as 258.4316 kuruş.

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