According to the January “Natural Gas Market Sector Report” of the Energy Market Regulatory Authority, approximately 3 billion 216 million cubic meters of imports were realized through pipelines and 2 billion 831 million cubic meters of liquefied natural gas (LNG) facilities.

In this period, natural gas imports through pipelines decreased by approximately 20.84 percent, while LNG imports increased by 7.21 percent. Total natural gas imports decreased by 9.79 percent in this period and became approximately 6 billion 48 million cubic meters.

While the most natural gas imports were made from Russia with 2.14 billion cubic meters in January, Azerbaijan with 881.8 million cubic meters and Algeria with 763.8 million cubic meters followed this country.

Natural gas imports from Russia decreased by 18.1 percent. Imports from Algeria increased by 12.6 percent and imports from Azerbaijan increased by 10.7 percent.

Gas consumption of houses decreased by 15.3%

In the said period, natural gas consumption in the country decreased by 11.8 percent and became 6 billion 37 million cubic meters.

Natural gas consumption of organized industrial zones decreased by 15.61 percent and was recorded as 1 billion 13 million cubic meters.

Natural gas consumption in power plants decreased by 0.83 percent to 1 billion 417 million cubic meters. The decrease in the gas consumption of the power plants was also the determining factor in the decrease in total consumption and imports.

Natural gas consumption in residences decreased by 15.3 percent in this period and became 2 billion 780 million cubic meters.

Natural gas stock increased

The amount of natural gas stock in Turkey increased by 238.3 percent compared to January of last year and reached 5 billion 124 million cubic meters.

4 billion 744 million cubic meters (92.58 percent) of the natural gas stock was in underground storage facilities, and 380.35 million cubic meters (7.42 percent) in LNG terminals.

In this period, the amount of stock in underground storage facilities increased by approximately 292.58 percent, while the amount of stock in LNG terminals increased by 24.26 percent.

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