In his speech at the Yıldız Technical University ISTKA Projects Opening Ceremony, Minister of Industry and Technology Mustafa Varank, together with the Istanbul Development Agency, announced the official openings of Yıldız Technical University Recycling Test and Research Center and Additive Manufacturing and Titanium Medical Implant Research and Production Center. stated that they will do it.

Varank said, “Recycling, recovery, is an increasingly important topic today. In our world where resources are limited, reuse and recycling are vital for a sustainable future.” he said.

Pointing out that Turkey has made serious progress in recycling and zero waste under the leadership of President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan’s wife, Emine Erdoğan, Varank said, “With the initiatives of Mrs. Emine Erdoğan, March 30 was declared Zero Waste Day by the United Nations General Assembly. A few days ago, Ms. Ms. went to the United Nations with a special invitation, where they had an address to the general assembly on zero waste.” said.

“Thanks to this technology, there is a revolution in design and production processes”

Stating that the Recycling Test and Research Center, which they officially opened today, will carry out R&D studies on the recyclability or biodegradability of wastes, Varank said:

“It will carry out risk and opportunity analyzes for the least possible waste generation in all kinds of processes and the maximum recovery of the wastes generated. It will carry out national and international accredited testing activities. Many tests that cannot be done in our country yet but can only be carried out in a few countries in the European Union are now This center will be held in Istanbul, and we will do future-oriented works at our center, which focuses on additive manufacturing technology.

As you know, additive manufacturing is a rapidly developing technology that is being used in new and different sectors every day. Thanks to this technology, there is a revolution in the design and production processes. Here at the Additive Manufacturing and Titanium Implant Research and Production Center, which we opened, personalized titanium medical implants will be designed and produced according to the needs of the patient, depending on the surgical demands.

For example, at the center, a skull implant design is currently being made for one of our patients based on the incoming tomography data, and as soon as this design is completed, production will begin immediately.”

Minister Varank thanked the Istanbul Development Agency for their unwavering support in the realization of these modern centers with a budget of over 7 million liras, and Yıldız Technical University for their efforts, and wished the centers to be beneficial to the science and research ecosystem and the country.

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