Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati evaluated the February banking data announced by the Banking Regulation and Supervision Agency (BDDK) in his social media account.

Pointing out that the said data confirm that the banking sector has a very healthy outlook with its strong capital structure, high asset quality and profitability ratios, Nebati said:

“The capital adequacy ratio of the sector is 17.1 percent as of February 2023, which is well above the legal minimum limit of 8 percent and the target ratio of 12 percent. The high capital adequacy ratio it has shows that our banking sector has a significant amount of capital buffer as a precaution against possible risks. A second point is that the NPL ratio of the sector was realized at a very low level of 1.9 percent as of February 2023. This underlines the healthy asset quality of the sector.”

“Turkey continues to move forward with firm and determined steps towards its goals”

Nebati emphasized that the banking sector has managed to achieve this healthy appearance under the difficult conditions that the financial system has fallen into as a result of the “self-evident” tight monetary policies implemented recently in global markets.

In addition, Nebati stated that the integrated structure of the banking sector with global financial markets, qualified human resources and pioneering actions in technological applications have brought the country to the fore in this field, adding, “Despite the current challenging global conditions, which the whole world is going through, the healthy development that our banking sector has achieved is behind it. Our country continues to move forward with firm and determined steps towards the goals of the Turkish Century.

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