In order to ensure the transparency of the markets and to inform the public, the Istanbul Chamber of Commerce (ITO) announced the products with the highest increase or decrease in retail prices in Istanbul compared to the previous month, together with their prices and change rates.

Accordingly, the retail prices of 112 of the 242 products in the ITO’s Istanbul Wage Livelihood Index increased, the prices of 33 products decreased, and the prices of 97 products remained unchanged.

The most increasing product in food is green beans

Onion, which is in the sub-group of fresh dried vegetables and fruits in food expenditures, was the product with the highest increase in price with 22.42 percent last month.

Other products with an increase in price; From the food expenditure group, green beans with 18.55 percent, beef with 17.99 percent, fish with 16.63 percent, medicines from the health and personal expenses group with 15.96 percent, and dining room team with 15.38 percent from the household goods expenditures group. In the food expenditure group, ready-made soups with 15.24 percent and salt with 14.16 percent were determined.

In March, the price of the match entrance ticket decreased by 24.12 percent

The price of the match entrance ticket, which is in the category of housing, culture, education and entertainment expenditures, decreased by 24.12 percent last month, becoming the product with the highest price decrease.

Other products with a decrease in price; Cucumbers with 22.92 percent, green onions with 20.95 percent, eggplant with 17.50 percent, porcelain kitchenware with 17.17 percent from household goods expenditures group, broad beans with 12.24 percent from food expenditures group, transportation and Intercity bus ticket fares were determined as 11.96 percent from the communication expenditures group and squash with 9.96 percent from the food expenditures group.

The products with the highest increase and decrease in price in March are as follows:

Seasonal agricultural products Monthly change (percent)
Onion 22.42
Pisces 16.63
Orange 6.69
Banana 6.34
Potato 5.44
Green onion -20.95
Pods -12.24
Parsley -7.01
Cauliflower -5.62
Spinach -5.56
Lemon -3.40
Leek -3.16
Curly Salad -2.80

Non-seasonal agricultural products Monthly change (percent)
Green beans 18.55
black pepper 6.58
Pear 5.19
Cucumber -22.92
Eggplant -17.5
Pumpkin -9.96
Tomato -6.9

Processed agro-industrial and other products Monthly change (percent)
Veal 17.99
Drugs 15.96
Dining room set 15,38
Instant soups 15.24
salt 14.16
Mutton 13.91
Living room set 9.98
hi 9.77
Eating out 8.46
Egg 7.81
Sausage 7.75
Match entrance ticket fee -24.12
Porcelain kitchenware -17,17
Intercity bus ticket fee -11.96
Pants-men -6,90
Sweater-men -3.23
Kerosene (fuel products) -3.02
sweater-women -2.88

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