Treasury and Finance Minister Nureddin Nebati made statements on his social media account regarding the inflation figures for March announced today.

Minister Nabati said in his statement;

Unfortunately, we spent the year 2022 in the shadow of overlapping and multidimensional global crises, with high inflation pressure. Of course, we are aware of the negative effects of high inflation. For this reason, we do not make any concessions in our fight against inflation.

While we are solving a problem, we take care to move forward without causing different problems, and we manage a holistic process focused on the interests of our citizens, without making any concessions such as “even if inflation decreases but unemployment increases, even if our investment and production power weakens”.

As a matter of fact, inflation, which had risen to 85 percent in October 2022, when many negative events were experienced in the global economy, started to decline with the effect of the correct steps we took, and declined to the level of 50.5 percent as of March 2023.

“Employment and export records were broken simultaneously”

But the most important thing is that while Turkey recorded this decrease in inflation, it did not experience any losses in investment, employment and production, on the contrary, employment and export records of our Republican history were broken simultaneously in this process. Our economy has not sacrificed its dynamic structure, production increases and growth trend to the fight against inflation.

We never listen to superficial solution proposals without being easy, and proceed by considering the interests of our country and our nation with a holistic understanding. We will continue to take our steps with determination without causing loss of production and employment, and we will reduce inflation gradually and permanently.

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