According to the announcement on the website of the Ministry of Commerce, with the Cooperatives Support Program (KOOP-DES), supporting the investment projects that will contribute to the production and employment of the cooperatives and their superior organizations, ensuring efficiency and productivity in their activities, contributing to the benefit of technology and new production techniques, increasing their competitiveness and It is aimed to bring individual savings into the economy with appropriate cooperative entrepreneurship models.

Cooperatives and higher organizations, whose establishment, operation and supervision are carried out by the Ministry, whose majority are women, and which aim to evaluate women’s labor, can apply to KOOP-DES.

Applications will be made to the provincial directorates of commerce until April 28.

In the announcement, information was also given on the project subjects to be supported within the scope of the program. Accordingly, investment in machinery and/or equipment-related goods purchases related to projects that will contribute to production and employment by cooperatives, as fixtures in elderly and disabled care centers, children’s clubs, kindergartens and day care centers to be operated by cooperatives whose members are at least 90 percent women. Support will be provided for the purchase of goods, the promotion and marketing of the products they produce, the purchase of services for participation in exhibitions and fairs, and the employment of qualified personnel for their projects.

The maximum limit of the project amount subject to the grant cannot exceed 200 thousand liras for goods purchases, 30 thousand liras for service purchases, 103 thousand liras for one personnel per year in the employment of qualified personnel, and 206 thousand liras for two personnel.

Within the upper limits, 75 percent of the project amounts in priority regions for development, 50 percent in other regions, and 75 percent in cooperatives whose members are at least 90 percent without seeking the priority region for development, can be covered by the Ministry.

The remaining part of the project amounts will be paid by the project manager cooperative.

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