According to the statement made by the Ministry of Industry and Technology, the aim of the competition is to spread the awareness of efficiency throughout the country and to increase the sharing of knowledge and experience among institutions and organizations. Bringing the projects carried out in this field to the public agenda, the competition also aims to encourage new projects to increase productivity.

Deadline for application is 30 May

​The applications for the Efficiency Project Awards Competition, which is open to all businesses and public institutions and has been held since 2014, can be made on the website “” until 30 May.

After the evaluation stages, the Efficiency Project Awards Ceremony will be held to present their awards and documents to the project owners who are entitled to receive awards.

“Efficiency Awarded Business Certificate” will be given

At the end of the competition, the enterprises that are entitled to receive an award will be awarded a “Property Certificate with an Efficiency Award”.

Productivity Project Awards Promotion and Information Meetings will be held for detailed information about the competition.

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