Employees gathered in front of Google’s administration building in London reacted to the company management’s decision to dismiss.

The company announced in January that it had decided to lay off approximately 10 thousand people working in its global operations.

“Since then, Google’s management in the UK has ignored many of the concerns raised by elected union representatives and has closed the process of collectively discussing the layoff plans,” said Unite, the labor union representing Google employees and holding a protest rally. statements were included.

Reminding that Unite is the largest labor union in the country, the statement noted that thousands of Google employees have joined the union in the last few months.

“The company is now in one-on-one consultations with workers and refuses to allow union representatives to be present at meetings,” the statement said. comment was included.

“Google’s treatment of staff and the attempt to exclude the union from the negotiation process is appalling and potentially illegal,” said Matt Whaley, Unite Regional Manager, in the union’s statement. made its assessment.

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