According to the information made by the Ministry, the Rural Development Investments Support Program has been carried out continuously in 5-year periods since 2006 by the General Directorate of Agricultural Reform (TRGM) Rural Development Department.

Within the scope of the program, 50 percent grant support is given to investors in line with “supporting rural economic infrastructure investments”.

With the program, it is aimed to increase the income level in rural areas, to support small-scale family businesses in order to ensure the integration of agricultural production and agriculture-based industry, to develop agricultural marketing infrastructure, and to strengthen food reliability, taking into account the protection of natural resources and the environment.

In addition, it is aimed to support investments with new technology in order to create alternative income sources in rural areas, strengthen rural economic infrastructure, expand the use of new technologies developed for agricultural activities by producers, increase the effectiveness of rural development activities, and contribute to the creation of local development capacity in rural society.

Applications for the aforementioned supports for the period 2022-2023 started on December 9, 2022 in 81 provinces and ended on January 20, 2023. The application evaluations were made by considering the provinces declared as disaster areas due to the Kahramanmaraş-centered earthquakes that occurred on 6 February. While applications were evaluated in 70 provinces, the deadline for 11 provinces was postponed to 8 May. Admissions were made by the commission established under the TRGM, taking into account the score rankings of the applications in 70 provinces within the budgetary possibilities.

As a result of the evaluation, 12 thousand 676 of 49 thousand 913 applications in 70 provinces were accepted. The remaining investment applications were determined as reserves.

The amount of 12 thousand 676 projects accepted has reached 1 billion 241 million liras. Grant support to these projects was calculated as 577 million 122 thousand 308 liras.

The investor who benefits most from rural supports is in Trabzon

Among the most supported construction equipment in the projects presented, agricultural trailers, row seed drills, motor hoes, rotary tillers, forage mixing and distribution machines and mowers came to the fore.

The most supported project subjects were stable agricultural investments in barns and barns, investments in beekeeping activities, smart agricultural practices, processing, packaging and storage of plant and animal products, and renewable energy facilities.

According to the number of investors, the province that benefited the most from the program was Trabzon with 527 investors, followed by Muğla with 406 investors, Siirt with 391 investors, Mersin with 378 investors and Ordu with 370 investors.

The provinces that benefited the most from the program according to the amount of support were Konya with 20 million 115 thousand 105 liras, Ankara with 16 million 233 thousand 761 liras, Kırşehir with 14 million 891 thousand 085 liras, İzmir with 14 million 588 thousand 812 liras and Ordu with 13 million 8 thousand 440 liras. .

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