The Council of Higher Education (YÖK) has increased the amount of scholarships given to support undergraduate and graduate students in priority fields and certain programs at different rates, effective from April 2023.

Scholarship Type


YÖK Undergraduate Support Scholarship 1000 TL 1875 TL
TEBİP-Undergraduate Scholarship 1500 TL 2000 TL
YÖK PhD Scholarship (Employee) 910 TL 2500 TL
YÖK PhD Scholarship (Non-Working) 3825 TL 7500 TL
YÖK Foreign Undergraduate Scholarship 1500 TL 2000 TL
YÖK Foreign Graduate Scholarship 2300 TL 3500 TL
YÖK Foreign Doctorate Scholarship 3500 TL 6000 TL

Accordingly, the 100/2000 YÖK Doctoral Scholarship was increased from 910 TL to 2500 TL for employees and from 3825 TL to 7500 TL for those who are not working. The 100/2000 YÖK Doctoral Scholarship is given to meet the need for human resources with doctorates who will produce qualified knowledge in priority areas. In this context, students studying in doctoral programs at state universities are supported by the Council of Higher Education.

While the YÖK Undergraduate Support Scholarship, which was 1000 TL before, was increased to 1875 TL, the scholarship amount for undergraduate students studying in Basic Sciences Excellence Classes (TEBIP-Undergraduate) was increased from 1500 TL to 2000 TL.

Students who are placed in the top three places and registered for undergraduate programs at state universities determined by YÖK benefit from YÖK Support Scholarship.

On the other hand, the amount of scholarship from 1500 TL to 2000 TL for foreign students with YÖK Scholarship; The scholarship amount, which was 2300 TL for master’s students, was increased to 3500 TL, and for doctoral students, the amount of scholarship from 3500 TL was increased to 6000 TL.

Approximately 6000 students benefit from YÖK’s scholarships.

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