According to the data of the Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), Turkey’s exports increased by 4.4 percent last month compared to the same period of 2022 and reached 23.6 billion dollars. This was also recorded as the highest monthly export figure in history.

Despite the negative repercussions of the earthquake disaster on exports in February, Turkey’s export performance continues to increase with the normalization of production in the provinces in the disaster area.

While the efforts of the companies to become a global brand in exports ensure that Turkey’s export sales break records, the support provided within the scope of the Far Countries Strategy, in addition to the main markets, is an important factor in the success of the Turkish exporter.

Industrial exports exceeded 17 billion dollars

Continuing its rapid development, Turkish industry continues to break records in exports.

Turkey’s industrial exports increased by 0.6 percent in March compared to the same period of the previous year and reached 17.2 billion dollars. The share of the industrial sector in Turkey’s total exports was 73 percent last month.

Electricity and electronics, air-conditioning industry, automotive industry, machinery and components broke export records last month.

Electricity and electronics industry reached 1 billion 517 million dollars, air conditioning industry 670 million 767 thousand dollars, automotive industry 3 billion 289 million dollars, machinery and parts with 1 billion 59 million dollars, the highest monthly export figure of all time.

Compared to the same period of the previous year, in March, electricity and electronics increased by 11.2 percent, the air-conditioning industry by 8.9 percent, the automotive industry by 22.8 percent, and machinery and parts by 16.6 percent.

The automotive industry was recorded as the sector that realized the most exports in this period.

Electricity and electronics became the fourth largest exporter and the eighth largest exporter of machinery and components.

The highest demand for the machinery and accessories sector came from the Russian Federation.

When we look at the record-breaking sectors on a country basis, the automotive industry made the highest export sales to Germany with 474 million 673 thousand dollars.

The highest demand for the air conditioning industry sector came from Germany with 70 million 41 thousand dollars.

While the United Kingdom stood out with 141 million 977 thousand dollars in the electrical and electronics sector, the largest export of machinery and components was to the Russian Federation with 132 million 685 thousand dollars.

On the basis of provinces, the highest export in the automotive industry was made by Kocaeli with 889 million 344 thousand dollars.

Companies from Istanbul stood out with 260 million 421 thousand dollars in the air conditioning industry, 757 million 983 thousand dollars in the electricity and electronics industry, and 339 million 104 thousand dollars in machinery and components.

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