The precious metal rose to $2,032 an ounce, reaching a 13-month high.

The gold price, which started to rise after the weak economic data from the USA, approached the record level of $ 2,072 in the summer of 2020.

Analysts stated that in addition to the weak economic data, the negative impact of the banking crisis and the aggressive monetary tightening of the central banks on the real economy was also effective in the rise in gold prices.

The dollar index, which is calculated by the value of the dollar against the currencies of six countries, decreased by 1.5 percent this week, while analysts said that gold has benefited from this as an interest-free investment tool, especially since the dollar has lost value.

Analysts pointed out that the gold price could test record levels if the US non-farm payrolls data to be announced on Friday is weak and trading volume will weaken in markets that will be closed on Friday due to the Easter Holiday.

Analysts, showing the $2 thousand 50 level in the gold price as a resistance, stated that exceeding this could quickly bring the gold price to an all-time high.

Following the JOLTS Jobs Number data, which fell below 10 million for the first time since May 2021 in the USA yesterday, private sector employment was below expectations today.

According to the data of the ADP Research Institute, private sector employment in the USA increased by 145 thousand people in March, below the market expectations.

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