The eyes and ears of hundreds of thousands of public workers are in collective bargaining negotiations. TÜRK-İŞ and HAK-İŞ conveyed the demands of 700 thousand workers for 2023-2024 salary increases.

The employers’ union evaluated the demands. Then, representatives of workers and employers came together, hosted by the Turkish Heavy Industry and Service Sector Public Employers’ Union. During the meeting, the demands of the employer’s side were also on the table. The meeting lasted about 2 hours.

Trade unions listed their demands for financial rights. The unions want no worker to be paid less than 15 thousand liras. The increase demanded for the first 6 months is 45 percent. It is expected that a welfare share of 15 percent will be given. Within the scope of the collective bargaining agreement, public workers also have demands regarding their social rights. 2 thousand 500 liras per month for this year, 3 thousand 500 liras for next year social assistance is requested.

The employer side did not share the figures regarding the increase.

The parties are expected to meet again at the Ministry of Labor and Social Security next week regarding the process.

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