Mustafa Gültepe, President of Turkish Exporters Assembly (TIM), evaluated Turkey’s export scorecard for the first quarter of the year.

Pointing out that exports decreased in February for the first time in the last 2.5 years due to the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş, Gültepe said that this decline was 6.4 percent on an annual basis. Gültepe said that Turkey has experienced a disaster that has never been seen in the world, and that even this figure is good considering the size of the disaster.

“I think these increases will continue to grow after June”

Pointing out that in March, the highest monthly export figure was reached, 23.6 billion dollars of foreign sales was realized, Gültepe said:

“I would like to thank all the exporters who contributed to this scope. In the first quarter, we exported close to 61.6 billion dollars. When we look at the first three months, there was an average increase of 2.3 percent. The increase is positive for us and will carry our motivation upwards. In the coming period, I think these increases will continue to grow after June. The world is coming out of a recession, a recession. The effects of the war, energy crises, and the problems in Europe are decreasing even though they continue. Therefore, with the revival of these, with the increase in demand, we are also using new strategies to make distant markets a ‘close market’. I think we will continue to increase the numbers, hopefully by increasing them.”

“We think that we can export over 256 billion dollars at the end of the year”

Emphasizing that the earthquake will not change the year-end export target and the signals are in this direction, Gültepe said, “We think that exports will increase more in the second 6 months and we will be able to export more than 256 billion dollars at the end of the year. Today’s data shows it in this context, I hope we will catch it.” used the phrase.

“We can see double-digit increases very easily”

Pointing out that exporters have had some difficulties in terms of competition in the last 4-5 months, Gültepe said that the balance between exchange rate and inflation affects especially labor-intensive sectors. Stating that there are 27 sectors in total, Gültepe said, “In the past, exports of 27 sectors also increased, half of the 27 sectors in this period show positive and half negative. Some of our sectors are good in this context. Especially our automotive, electrical electronics, cereals, air conditioning and machinery sectors are the fastest growing sectors of the last period. “The sectors that provide an increase. Their driving force carries our negative sectors upwards. We think that if we connect the exchange rate with inflation in some way, if all sectors go positive, we will see double-digit increases very easily.” made its assessment.

Gültepe also gave information about her work in the earthquake zone and said:

“As all our ministers, all NGOs, we are there, we are in constant consultation with the producers and exporters there, together with our union presidents. We are about to finish the city of 1200 containers right now, I hope that by completing it until the Eid, the people there will live and the personnel problem of the industrialists, and the return of the people who went abroad. “We will provide some support.

Pointing out that the exporters in the region have the most shortage of living units and personnel, Gültepe said, “We immediately deliver the demands of the companies to whichever ministries are concerned, and we are looking for solutions in a short time. They bring us the problems related to finance, and the Minister of Treasury and Finance in that regard” We are in constant consultation with our company and with the banks and transfer the information.” said.

Gültepe stated that they wanted the exchange rate to increase at the rate of inflation in order not to lose the markets in their hands.

“We do not currently think about serving the citizens”

Evaluating the purchase of Turkish Commercial Bank by Export Development AŞ (İGE AŞ), Gültepe said, “We have established İGE AŞ at the point of the financing problem of our exporters, we have put forward the guarantee and surety system. Over 7 thousand companies have benefited from this so far. “We set out for the bank that will think like an exporter, sleep with the exporter and wake up with the exporter, partner with their projects and manage them, so that the exporters will be their own bank. In this context, we will greatly support the exporter.” used the phrases.

Pointing out that this bank will collect deposits unlike Türk Eximbank, Gültepe said:

“Our companies will open a corporate account on an individual or company basis, and they will be able to follow the export prices very easily through this bank. We do not think of serving citizens at the moment. Only corporate companies and exporters within corporate companies. We will reveal investment and business loans in the coming period.”

“In March, the automotive came first, it made 3.3 billion dollars”

Stating that the resolution of the chip crisis was reflected in the export figures, Gültepe said, “In March, the automotive took the first place, making 3.3 billion dollars. The problem seems to be solved now. Those numbers will increase even more. There have been sectors that have increased.” said.

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