According to the information compiled by the Small and Medium Enterprises Development and Support Administration (KOSGEB) from the 2022 Annual Report, the amount of support provided to 102 thousand 828 enterprises by the institution last year amounted to 9 billion 112 million 426 thousand 104 liras.

99 thousand 567 enterprises benefited from the supports within the scope of KOSGEB Support Programs Regulation. 3 thousand 261 enterprises used the opportunities provided within the framework of KOSGEB Credit Interest Support Regulation.

As a result of the fact that enterprises benefiting from the conditions recognized within the scope of KOSGEB Support Programs Regulation can receive more than one support, the total number of enterprises was recorded as 48 thousand 943.

Within this support, the 7.5 billion lira support provided under the Rapid Support Program to Micro and Small Enterprises (MKİ) came to the fore.

When analyzed on the basis of regions, it was seen that the support was mostly used by the enterprises in the Marmara Region, excluding MKI supports. 449 million 470 thousand 347 lira support was given to 13 thousand 521 enterprises in the region. The region in question was followed by the Central Anatolia Region with the support of 320 million 886 thousand 23 liras given to 9 thousand 803 enterprises.

7 thousand 75 enterprises in the Mediterranean Region received 205 million 11 thousand 884 liras, 6 thousand 900 enterprises in the Aegean Region received 198 million 269 thousand 550 liras, 5 thousand 631 enterprises in the Southeastern Anatolian region received 156 million 40 thousand 392 liras.

These regions were followed by the Black Sea region with a support of 144 million 279 thousand 426 liras given to 4 thousand 733 enterprises, and the Eastern Anatolian regions with a support of 99 million 611 thousand 482 liras provided to 2 thousand 961 enterprises.

When we look at the distribution of the supports given under the name of MKI Rapid Support Program by regions, it is seen that the Southeastern Anatolia Region ranks first with an amount of 1 billion 584 million 330 thousand liras for 9 thousand 753 enterprises. Marmara with 1 billion 106 million 105 thousand liras for 7 thousand 829 enterprises, Central Anatolia with 1 billion 100 million 875 thousand liras for 7 thousand 304 enterprises, Black Sea with 1 billion 106 million 145 thousand liras for 6 thousand 893 enterprises, 7 thousand 109 enterprises. Mediterranean with 1 billion 14 million 600 thousand liras, Eastern Anatolia with 926 million 300 thousand liras for 5 thousand 292 enterprises and Aegean regions with 666 million 565 thousand liras for 4 thousand 763 enterprises.

Micro enterprises received the largest share of support

It was observed that 82.4 percent of the support provided within the scope of KOSGEB Support Programs Regulation was used by micro enterprises, 15.7 percent by small enterprises and 1.9 percent by medium-sized enterprises.

The manufacturing sector took the lead in the use of supports. 1 billion 104 million 386 thousand 237 liras, corresponding to 69.9 percent of the support provided in this field, was given to the sector in question.

This sector was followed by wholesale and retail trade, repair of motor vehicles and motorcycles with a share of 12.5 percent and 194 million 920 thousand 372 liras.

Many sectors, including information and communication, accommodation and food services, mining and quarrying, electricity, gas, steam and air conditioning production and distribution, construction, transportation and storage, benefited from KOSGEB’s support in this area.

Approximately 34 million TL interest support to businesses

Within the scope of KOSGEB SME Credit Interest Support Regulation, 33 million 937 thousand TL support was given to 3 thousand 261 enterprises last year.

In this context, provinces including Artvin, Düzce, Rize, Bartın, Kastamonu, Sinop and Zonguldak benefited from emergency support loan interest opportunities, while various institutions used this support in the fields of machinery-equipment and business loans.

In addition, KOSGEB, “General Support Program”, “R&D, Innovation and Industrial Application Support Program”, “Business Development Support Program”, “Advanced Entrepreneur Support Program”, “Cooperation Support Program”, including applications This year, a total of 9 billion 112 million 426 thousand 104 liras of support has been provided.

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