Speaking at the iftar at the Ministry’s Central Cafeteria, Kirişci stated that a significant part of the month of Ramadan was left behind and said that this year, Ramadan Feast will be sad and sad compared to previous holidays due to the earthquake disaster.

Stressing that the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş are the biggest disasters Turkey has experienced, Kirişci said that they worked first in Hatay and then in Adana due to the disaster.

Explaining that the personnel of the Ministry took an active role in the earthquake zone, Minister Kirişci used the following statements:

“The whole of Turkey and the whole world saw our presence on the field. There was a representative, extension and connection of 32 units of our Ministry, especially the vehicles of our State Hydraulic Works and General Directorate of Forestry. In this context, thank goodness, there was a great effort and effort to heal the wounds of our citizens. effort has been made.”

Vahit Kirişci also gave information about the contribution of 11 provinces in the earthquake zone to the economy in terms of agriculture and livestock, noting that these provinces account for 17 percent of Turkey’s crop production and about 15 percent in terms of livestock.

Explaining that the share of the provinces in the region in agricultural foreign trade is 22 percent, Minister Kirişci said, “There should not have been a decline in agricultural production. We carried out these studies meticulously,” he said.

Minister Kirişci also touched upon their efforts to meet the needs of earthquake victims and said that they distributed over 60 thousand tons of firewood and 3.5 million liters of fuel oil.

Stating that they distributed food to the stray animals and 16 thousand tons of feed for cattle, sheep and poultry, Kirişci stated that they provided 1.4 billion liras of cash for feed.

Diesel and fertilizer support given in cash

Kirişci stated that they gave 3.4 billion liras of 13 billion 826 million liras of agricultural support payments with 11 funds, and that they also gave diesel and fertilizer support in cash.

Stating that the things to be done are tried to be done at the maximum level, Minister Kirişci said:

“The nation is determined in such a time. Great nations establish great states. You are the main elements of this great state. It is valuable individuals of the nation like you who will keep this state alive. I hope my Lord brings us together in good days.”

Reminding that more than 50 thousand citizens lost their lives in the earthquake disaster, Kirişci wished patience to the survivors and a speedy recovery to the injured.

Kirişci condemned the attacks on Masjid al-Aqsa

Referring to the Israeli forces’ attacks on Masjid al-Aqsa, Minister Kirişci condemned the incidents.

Stressing that Jerusalem is the common heritage of Muslims, Kirişci concluded his words as follows:

“We condemn and condemn what has been done about Jerusalem, which has been handed over to us before us and which is our primary duty for us to hand over to future generations. We estimate that this pressure is being made this Ramadan, as in every Ramadan, in order to suppress the fluctuation they experienced in their domestic politics and to take the issue elsewhere. Of course, if the oppressor has oppression, the oppressed has a God.”

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