After the implementation of the age-at-retirement (EYT) regulation, approximately 2 million 250 thousand people have the right to retirement.

The number of people applying for retirement has reached 1.6 million since the regulation came into effect. The first salary of those who complete their applications will be deposited into their accounts this month.

Those who benefit from the regulation will be able to continue to work in the private sector. So, how will people exit and return to work in this process?

Ankara Yıldırım Beyazıt University Faculty Member Tarkan Zengin, who made evaluations on the subject, stated that employers must first give their exits so that their employees who have retired within the scope of EYT in the private sector can work in the same workplace again.

Rich stated that employees who have been dismissed can continue to work at the same workplace just one day after they apply for retirement.

Social Security Support Premium will be provided to the employer

If people who benefit from EYT and retire continue to work in the same workplace, Social Security Support Premium will be provided to the employer. This will apply to employees who re-enter the same workplace within 30 days. Employers will receive a 5 percent support premium discount.

“The wage of the minimum wage worker will increase by 638 lira”

Those who retire from EYT will also get a salary advantage if they continue to work at the same workplace.

Noting that there will be an increase in the wages of the employee, Zengin said, “If a person working with minimum wage works again in the same workplace, the wage will increase by 638 liras. The wage of a minimum wage worker will increase from 8 thousand 506 lira to 9 thousand 145 liras.” said.

If wages are higher than the minimum wage, the wage will increase even more.

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