The “Communiqué Amending the General Communiqué on Corporate Tax” prepared by the Ministry of Treasury and Finance entered into force after being published in the Official Gazette.

Accordingly, the principles regarding the deduction of the investment contribution amounts of companies producing electric vehicles in Turkey to SCT have been determined.

It was deemed appropriate to use the determined portion of the investment contribution amount to be used for a maximum of 960 thousand vehicles until 31 December 2035, by deducting from the SCT paid due to the first acquisition of the vehicles produced within the scope of this investment.

In order for the investment contribution amount to be used as a deduction for SCT, the investments have the quality of an investment where it is decided to benefit from project-based incentives, it is exclusively for electric motor vehicles developed as a result of R&D activities carried out in Turkey in order to develop technologies that will completely eliminate the greenhouse effect exhaust gas emission. condition will apply.

There must be a minimum investment expenditure of 5 billion TL

On the other hand, with the change in the communiqué, the principles of the indexation application in the partial completion process in the investment incentive system were also determined.

In the relevant article of the Decision on Granting Project-Based State Aid to Investments, it was stipulated that a partial completion process can be made following the realization of a minimum investment of 5 billion TL for investments with a minimum investment period of 10 years and consisting of phases ensuring integration.

With the Communiqué, a regulation was made that the investment contribution amount after the partial completion process can be indexed by increasing the revaluation rate in investments that are project-based, consist of phases and have a minimum investment expenditure of 5 billion TL.

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