According to the statement made by the THY Press Office, the Company continues to offer its passengers a high-quality in-flight internet experience with the improvements it has provided in the internet service, which has become a global leader since 2011 and has become an indispensable part of life.

As of April, THY will provide free unlimited messaging services over WhatsApp, Messenger, iMessage and similar applications to all its passengers on international flights with the motto of “enjoy unlimited messaging”.

“We take our guests on a free and unlimited messaging journey”

THY General Manager Bilal Ekşi, whose evaluations are included in the statement, stated that they have added a new one to the innovative developments they have contributed to the aviation industry over the years as the national airline, and said, “By combining our innovative steps with customer satisfaction, this time we take our guests on a free and unlimited messaging journey. Even when our passengers are above the clouds, they can keep in touch with their loved ones. They will feel next to them,” he said.

The unlimited messaging service will be free for all passengers who are members of Miles&Smiles, THY’s customer loyalty program. Passengers who are not yet members will be able to benefit from this service as Miles&Smiles members before or during the flight. In addition, Miles&Smiles Classic Plus, Elite and Elit Plus member passengers will also be able to benefit from the renewed free internet packages.

Aiming to provide its passengers with privileges beyond their expectations at every stage of their journey, THY will launch this service primarily on its aircraft with internet access by Türk Telekom, and then gradually on all aircraft with internet access.

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