“President’s Decision on Amending the Decision on Agricultural Supports to be Made in 2022 and the Support for the Use of Certified Seeds to be Implemented in 2023” was published in the Official Gazette.

With the amendment, a regulation was made regarding certified seed use supports.

According to this, sowing and planting in the areas damaged by the earthquakes on February 6 and declared as disaster areas, using the seeds produced and certified in the country, in the lands registered to the Farmer Registration System (ÇKS) in the 2023 production year (with the autumn sowing/planting of the year 2022). The unit support amounts specified in the current Presidential Decision will be paid to farmers who make spring / summer planting / planting in 2023 by increasing 100 percent.

Seed support of 135 lira per decare will be provided.

According to the Current Decree, certified seed support per decare is 50 liras in barley, wheat, rye, paddy, triticale and oats, 10 liras in safflower, 45 liras in vetch, sainfoin, soybean, fodder peas, 30 liras in rapeseed, 60 liras in dry beans and lentils. 50 liras for chickpeas, 200 liras for potatoes, 8 liras for sesame, 34 liras for peanuts and 60 liras for alfalfa.

In addition, in the basins where the underground waters are at an insufficient level and the water scarcity is determined by the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry, the farmers who sow using the oil sunflower seeds produced and certified domestically on their lands registered to the ÇKS in the 2023 production year will be paid 135 liras of certified seed usage support per decare.

With the decision, the list of products to be supported according to the basins within the scope of the Turkish Agricultural Basins Production and Support Model was also changed.

Accordingly, Aksaray-Guzelyurt, Hatay-Kumlu, Hatay-Reyhanlı, Mardin-Artuklu, Mardin-Derik, Mardin-Kızıltepe, Nevşehir-Acıgöl, Nevşehir-Derinkuyu, Niğde-Bor, Niğde-Çiftlik, Niğde-center and Şanlıurfa-Viranşehir Sunflower was included in the list of products to be supported in the basins.

The decision entered into force with effect from 1 January 2022.

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