The Ministry of Commerce, by writing to chambers and commodity exchanges, reminded that it is authorized to grant additional support period in cases of force majeure, in accordance with the “Authorization” article of the Decree on Export Supports, which was put into effect with the President’s Decision last year.

In this context, it was found appropriate to extend the support and project durations for one year in order to prevent the unjust treatment of companies that were affected by the earthquakes in Kahramanmaraş on 6 February and have headquarters and production facilities in these provinces, which may be experienced during the export-oriented state support processes carried out by the Ministry.

In the article, information was also given about the supports whose terms were extended for one year within the scope of the Decision.

Accordingly, companies that already benefit from foreign brand registration, foreign warehouse rental expenses and storage service expenses for the global supply chain, unit rental and promotional supports will be within this scope.

Project deadlines are also extended

The support periods of companies with design and product development projects will also be evaluated within this scope.

In addition, the support periods of the companies supported under the Brand and Turquality support programs, which are currently in the Brand Program, have been extended by one year. The approved, started and ongoing target market periods of those currently in the Turquality Program will also be included in the extension decision.

The support period of the companies included in the Turquality Program has started and the consultancy and employment support periods for the ongoing institutional capacity building have been extended for one year.

If the headquarters of the cooperation organizations carrying out the International Competitiveness Improvement (UR-GE) Project or the headquarters or production facilities of the companies involved in the project are located in one of the provinces affected by the earthquake, it was deemed appropriate to extend the project durations by one year.

Support amounts

On the other hand, according to the Decree on Export Supports, expenses related to the registration and protection of trademarks abroad for 2023 will reach 1 million 357 thousand liras, overseas warehouse rental and warehouse service expenses will reach 7 million 239 thousand liras, domestic Rental expenses of non-residential units are supported up to 3 million 619 thousand liras and promotion expenses up to 7 million 239 thousand liras. These supports are used for 4 years.

In the Design and Product Development Project, the total amount of support per project is 9 million 47 thousand TL, and the support period is 3 years.

The total amount of support for this year was 90 million 497 thousand liras in the Brand Program and 180 million 995 thousand liras in the Turquality Program. The support period was determined as 4 years in the Brand Program and 5 years in the Turquality Program.

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