According to the information compiled from the Southeastern Anatolian Exporters’ Association (GAİB) data, 377 million 418 thousand dollars of revenue was obtained from tomato exports from Turkey to 54 countries last year.

Turkey, which exported 145 million 887 thousand dollars of tomatoes in the January-March period of last year, sent tomatoes to 45 countries in the same period of this year, increasing its exports by 40 percent in value, generating 203 million 834 thousand dollars of revenue.

Poland was one of the top tomato exporting countries.

Turkey realized 33 million 361 thousand dollars worth of tomato exports to Poland in the first three months of this year. Romania followed Poland with 33 million 85 thousand dollars and Germany with 28 million 285 thousand dollars.

“It is very pleasing for both our producers and exporters”

Müslüm Yanmaz, President of the Greenhouse Investors and Producers Association (SERA-BİR), said that the increase in tomato exports in the first 3 months is pleasing.

Noting that the earthquake that took place in Kahramanmaraş on February 6, which deeply affected Turkey, also affected tomato producers and greenhouses negatively, Yanmaz said, “We experienced the sadness of the earthquake together as the whole country. Our greenhouses and producers in the earthquake regions were also damaged. The importance of food production is very important during the pandemic process. “Our farmers, who know this, took over their greenhouses and continued their production in a short time. The increase in export figures compared to last year is a very pleasing situation for both our producers and exporters. We believe that our export figures will continue to increase even more.” said.

Halil Pekdemir, Member of the Board of Directors of SERA-BIR, stated that the increase in export figures is a source of pride for Turkey.

Stating that the government supports those who will establish greenhouses by giving low-interest loans to increase production, Pekdemir said, “Due to this policy, the installation of greenhouses is increasing day by day. Our exports have also increased compared to the previous year with the newly built greenhouses, which is a pleasing situation.” he said.

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