According to the information compiled from the data of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association (DKİB), 5 thousand 626 tons of Turkish salmon were exported in the January-March period of the year, generating a revenue of 44 million 993 thousand 815 dollars.

The country earned 25 million 479 thousand 301 dollars from the export of 3 thousand 262 tons of Turkish salmon in the same period of last year. Thus, the export of the product increased by 72 percent in quantity and 77 percent in value compared to the same period of the previous year.

During the mentioned period, Turkish salmon was sold to 22 countries, mainly the Russian Federation, Germany and Vietnam.

By exporting 3 thousand 849 tons of Turkish salmon to Russia, 27 million 260 thousand 15 dollars were obtained.

Thus, compared to the first quarter of 2022, which earned 12 million 649 thousand 832 dollars for 1810 tons of product, the amount made to Russia increased by 113 percent and the value increased by 115 percent.

This country was followed by Germany with 11 million 376 thousand 313 dollars and Vietnam with 1 million 633 thousand 419 dollars.

“We focus on the promotion of Turkish salmon”

DKİB Fisheries Sector Committee Chairman İsmail Kobya said that Turkish salmon is among the most important export products of the region.

Pointing out that the diversity of countries in exports is increasing day by day, Kobya said, “As DKİB, our efforts to steer our companies to different markets and increase country diversity continue intensively within the scope of the International Competitiveness Development Project, which includes manufacturers and exporters in the sector.” said.

Emphasizing that they focus on the promotion of Turkish salmon, Kobya made the following assessment:

“We continue our promotional activities effectively with the brand ‘Turkish Salmon from the Black Sea-Turkish Salmon From Black Sea’, whose brand we have registered abroad. With the promotional activities carried out by our Association, this brand has reached a very important recognition in foreign markets. In this context, April 25-27. We will promote Turkish salmon by opening a booth at the world’s leading aquaculture fair to be held in Barcelona between

Stating that the studies for new markets continue, Kobya said, “We plan to increase the diversity of countries, especially by organizing fair participation and trade delegation programs to the People’s Republic of China, the USA and Thailand. In this context, in the first place, the largest importers from the People’s Republic of China were invited to Trabzon in July. In this context, it will be ensured that they hold bilateral meetings with our companies.” he said.

İsmail Kobya underlined that the European Union market is also within the scope of their targets.

Explaining that it is difficult to meet the demand with the current production, Kobya added that they have requests from the Ministry of Agriculture and Forestry for the determination of new production areas.

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