Fatih Dönmez, Minister of Energy and Natural Resources, made a statement on the Black Sea gas, Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant and the energy sector in the television program he attended.

Sharing the latest situation in the Black Sea gas, Dönmez said that they will bring the natural gas in the Black Sea to the Filyos Natural Gas Processing Facility on April 20, with a ceremony attended by President Recep Tayyip Erdoğan.

Dönmez said, “Afterwards, we have some controls regarding calibration and processes here in 1-2 weeks. As of May, it will actually be used in our quarries. On April 20, I hope our President will share a good news that will please most of our citizens.” .

200 million dollar investment for coal

Touching on the work in the coal sector, Dönmez said, “We are continuing our efforts to establish a coke factory in terms of coal investments. We are considering such an investment with the Turkish Hard Coal Authority and local actors here. It will be an investment of approximately 150-200 million dollars. We will also have the opportunity to employ 500 people. “We are planning this investment in Zonguldak. We will coke our own coal,” he said.

Emphasizing that they continue to work on petroleum, Dönmez said that the target this year is to produce 100 thousand barrels per day in the 100th year of the Republic.

New oil discovery in Gabar

Stating that they are continuing their drilling for a new exploratory purpose in Gabar Mountain, Dönmez stated that they expect good news towards the end of this month.

Dönmez said, “There is a phrase in our oil. ‘Oil is at the tip of the drill.’ Now we are turning the drill, I hope we will share it with our citizens when we find it. So when we look at the first data, in terms of seismic data, we announced it as 150 million barrels according to Esma Çevik. However, our friends evaluate that it will be much more.”

“The first nuclear fuel will arrive in Akkuyu on April 27”

In addition, Dönmez stated that the first fresh nuclear fuel will come to Akkuyu Nuclear Power Plant (NGS) in 1 week, “The first fresh nuclear fuel is coming to Akkuyu NPP on April 27. After that nuclear fuel arrives there, that region has gained the title of a nuclear facility. He said.

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