TİGEM, Turkey’s leading institution in the field of certified seed and high-quality breeding animal breeding, continues to be the assurance of Turkish agriculture with the world’s most modern breeding techniques and technologies on its enterprises and lands.

While TİGEM continues to carry out a national task on behalf of the country’s agriculture, it also increases its profitability by using its resources effectively and efficiently in the field of crop production and livestock. In this way, TİGEM has become a successful institution that meets its expenses and carries out its activities without burdening the public budget.

TİGEM, which produces high quality certified seeds and is the leader of the sector with a 25 percent share, increased its revenue from grain seed sales by 203 percent in 2022 compared to 2021.

In the field of purebred Arabian horse breeding, which is the product of an ancient experience that has been continued since the establishment of the Ottoman Empire, as well as certified seed and high-quality breeding animal breeding, TİGEM achieved the highest average of the last 10 years with approximately 64 million TL from the sale of 265 foals in 2022. achieved sales revenue.

TİGEM, which made a profit of 132 million liras in 2021, closed last year with a record profit of 798 million liras.

In 2022, TİGEM made an investment of approximately 500 million lira in the fields of animal husbandry, crop production, irrigation and mechanization. With the production activities carried out in the irrigated agricultural fields, which were established with the investments made especially in the Ceylanpınar Plant despite the drought, it was ensured that the grain seeds needed by the farmers were obtained. In this period, the irrigated agricultural area increased to 960 thousand decares and an increase in average yield was achieved compared to the previous year.

At the Sperma Production Center in Malatya Sultansuyu Plant, 917,000 doses of semen were produced from 50 bulls, 11 domestic and 39 genomic heads, in 2022. 878 thousand doses of this were sold to the market, 67 thousand doses were used in TİGEM enterprises. To date, 6.3 million doses of semen have been obtained from a total of 90 bulls in 11 years at the facility.

By increasing the number of genomic bulls in 2023, a significant part of the need will be met by the country’s own production, with the semen of high-quality bulls to be obtained.

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