Hasan Kuzuoğlu, Deputy Chairman of the Eastern Black Sea Exporters’ Association Fisheries and Products Sector Committee, explained that 3,300 tons of Turkish salmon were exported to 9 countries from the Eastern Black Sea Region.

Expressing that 23 million 72 thousand 751 dollars were obtained from these exports, Kuzuoğlu stated that Turkish salmon exports increased by 376 percent in quantity and 354 percent in value compared to the same period of the previous year, with 692 tons equivalent to 5 million 77 thousand 222 dollars.

Noting that the Russian Federation leads the way in the export of Turkish salmon from the Eastern Black Sea region, Kuzuoğlu said, “21 million 62 thousand 371 dollars of Turkish salmon were sold to Russia this period. Russia is followed by Vietnam with 1 million 633 thousand 419 dollars, and White with 244 thousand 145 dollars. Russia followed. said.

Pointing out that 17 million 570 thousand 18 dollars of the region’s exports are made from Trabzon, Kuzuoğlu said that Turkish salmon is sold to 6 countries, especially Russia.

Kuzuoğlu said that the interest in Turkish salmon is increasing and they are focusing on promotional activities to increase market diversity.

Expressing that they have high expectations from Turkish salmon exports, Kuzuoğlu asked investors who set up the world’s most modern production and processing facilities in order to provide employment to the region, in aquaculture and in the allocation of new production areas.

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